Existing Customers

Spectrum-Canada Mortgage Services Inc.

Spectrum-Canada Mortgage Services Inc. (Spectrum) is a licensed financial intermediary established in 2000 to provide professional mortgage decline services to the clients of Canada’s Banks and Credit Unions.

We are a leader in accessing, processing and funding 1st and 2nd mortgage products.

Spectrum’s area of expertise is alternative mortgage solutions for clients who fall outside bank and credit union lending guidelines. The reasons may include difficulty in assessing self-employment income; the desire for higher loan-to-value or debt service ratios; or because of past credit problems. But it may also be due to specific ‘A’ market niches which their Financial Institution may be averse to lending in (e.g. multiple rentals, borrowed downpayments, discharged bankruptcies and net worth programs etc.)

Whatever the customer’s challenge, Spectrum’s unique experience ensures the necessary knowledge to successfully navigate them through a fast-paced and often complex marketplace.

Spectrum Service Guarantees
The cornerstone of Spectrum’s success and brand identity is our commitment to our Bank and Credit Union customers and their clients and members. Helping them successfully get the financing they need, is at the heart of our service and culture. At Spectrum, no issue is too big (or too small!) for our team to find a solution that meets clients’ needs.

Existing Customers
If you are an existing customer we are happy to help you and will continuously seek ways to innovate and exceed your expectations with honesty and integrity.

If you have any questions or we can help you in any way please contact our Servicing Manager Sonya Fong directly:

Tel: 1-877-253-4377 (Ext. 2074) Toll-Free
Email: Sonya.Fong@spectrum-canada.com

New Customers
If you are a new customer and would like help with your mortgage arrangements please complete a mortgage application by clicking on the link below:

Or call to speak with a Spectrum Mortgage Advisor directly:
Toll Free Telephone: 1-877-253-4377
Email: info@spectrum-canada.com